When it comes to developing an app for your church in Java, it can seem like a huge hurdle at first. After all, there are various factors to consider. And having the right strategy can help you avoid common pitfalls that many churches fall into. So avoid key mistakes and use the following four tips before jumping into your new Java app:

Check the Distribution Before Going Live

In the past, when you deployed an app live, you had to hope that it would all work out okay. If an error occurred, you had to pull it down so you could correct it while keeping your users from getting the satisfaction out of it.

Today, there is a different resource you can leverage. Distribution trees and version allow you to see if there is an error after you launch. If so, simply revert back to the best version and start debugging to get it back online pronto.

Monitor Your App

While software only does what you tell it to do, it still involves humans, and we make mistakes.

If you want to get the most out of your app, you need to understand when key issues arise by monitoring it constantly. From usage values to 404 errors and more, knowing what the problem is before it’s too late is key.

Get the Right Hosting Set Up

People today expect technology to be fast. The world of digital technology has evolved so quickly today that consumer are spoiled. If something takes more than a couple seconds to load, they get frustrated.

The last thing you want is people ditching your app because your hosting is wrong. Bad hosting solutions cause your app to be slow and pull data in a less efficient manner.

Integrate with Other Languages Seamlessly

Java is one of the foundational programming languages out there. It can integrate with a variety of other tools.

However, many churches do not realize how easy it is to sync it up. You can connect it to your website, social media, and email. It makes reaching your churchgoers that much easier.

Managing a church is hard work already. This is compounded when you add creating an add in Java to the mix. Luckily, there are great resources for your Java app. If you use the tips above, you can enjoy a successful project. That way you can focus on your mission: serving others and the church.

If building an app from scratch for your church sounds like something that would be too difficult, time-wasting, hair-pulling, heart-attack inducing, you’re right; building an app can totally be all that and more. 

That’s why we recommend leaving it to the experts. Companies like Tithely, Subsplash, and Aware3 can make it easy for you. That’s why we created our Church App Guide. It’s a ten minute read that will tell you the ins and outs or church app development and will help you find the right church app partner.