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Project Timeline Flowchart

Do you know who does what and when for your next project?  We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help. Sometimes we put the cart before the horse. Sometimes the cart is out in the distance without a horse. Not every church can afford an admin and not every admin knows how to run an event, manage a project,…


On Project Objectives and Timelines

“Whatever isn’t measured doesn’t matter.” Analytics drive the all important game of audience engagement. If you are a teacher, you were taken through a system of metrics in your credentialing process known as SMART goals. These SMART goals are the metrics you use to make sure the things you teach your students are the things they reach toward. These same…


The Project Objective Filter

Why do you do what you do and how do you do it?  Burger King and McDonalds have hundreds of options while In N Out just has a few. While one wants a more complete menu, the other wants a better burger. It’s the difference between attempting to satisfy everyone on the planet versus your specific audience. Working your team through…


Completing the Next Right Step

There are half-finished projects all around the world.   A dad gives his kid a fixer-upper of a car and it remains sitting in the garage or driveway months after the gift. A honey-do list remains posted on the fridge of the kitchen, unlooked at for weeks. The kids’ rooms look like a literal warzone with stuffed animals, Legos, and leftover…


The Intentions Filter

Transitions are only difficult if you don’t plan for them. This week we discussed how anyone can take the next right step, no matter what the situation may be. It could be a transition in leadership, an upcoming event; it doesn’t matter. The key to this piece is that you are prepared to filter out the fluff from the stuff you…


The Next Right Step

Transitions are never an easy thing. There are always hurt feelings, awkward pauses and empty words, and an inability to move forward. BUT … Transitions are only difficult if you don’t plan for them. You see, when you plan for transitions, there aren’t any surprises. Sure, people will come out of the woodwork and say weird things, be surprised, or show…


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