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Service Projects Campaign Kit

Churches that want to change their community must first serve their community. Jesus was crystal clear about service: He came first to serve. It’s in that spirit that we release our “Service Project Kit”. This kit gives you everything you need to get your church body involved in putting faith in action. Download this free resource today, and receive access to many more!


Leadership Wisdom on Messages that Matter

The more you add to the messenger, the more you take away from the message.  It’s common a business principle that you need to be able to look past the messenger in order to focus on the message. Not every high capacity leader is a high quality speaker, nor are they someone who can craft messages that matter. This doesn’t…


Free Valentines Day Scripture Kit

With Valentines Day just days away, the church has a great opportunity to share with their community. The power of love is seen through Jesus Christ. Thats why we created the Valentines Day Quick Kit: to give your church the tools it needs to reach others for Christ. Download this free resource today, and receive access to many more!


For Immediate Release: Simple Church Media

Catalyst Church Creative releases new media catalog for the local church, making church media simple, easy to use, and cost effective.  Simple Church Media  From Simple Church Media:  “The average church doesn’t have a dedicated creative arts director, and the average pastor doesn’t exactly have church media in their wheelhouse. We take the guess work off your plate and give…


Retro Refreshments Service Stills

Worship and preaching is crucial, but so is a time of community for your church. Make sure people stick around and enjoy a hot cup of joe and good conversation with others. We wanted to create these retro refreshments service stills to help your attenders know to go grab some goodies. Download this free resource today, and receive access to many more!


10 Steps to Perfect Facebook Ads

How can you best reach your audience online?  We’ve already shown in past blogs just how difficult this challenge is, where with the changes to Facebook algorithms and how often a post may or may not show up online. We’ve give you tips on how to make a large splash through Facebook check-ins, and even given you keen insight into…


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