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3 Keys to Branding Christmas

Trees go up and the lights come on, but a lot of churches fail to leverage the Christmas season to their advantage. Things are either half-way done or not done at all. Boards think it’s just the season and not all that important. And worship ministers across the US slap…


Christmas Resource Kit

As we roll out Catalyst Church Creative, we wanted to stay core to who we are as a generous organization, so this Christmas season, we are giving you this free Christmas Resource Kit. It’s yours; no strings attached. If we can help you now for Christmas, we are glad to…


What is Catalyst Church Creative?

It’s Catalyst. We are THE media house for churches, because we are a church. We bring with us over 30 years of design and pastoral experience, blending the two into something delicious for you. Oftentimes you get a design house that does really good design work, but lacks the context…


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