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Christmas Eve Service Kit

Christmas season is here and the 24th is coming fast! Christmas Eve is one of the few holidays where the community is open to idea of visiting church and hearing the gospel story. Thats why we want to resource you with everything you need to create a Christmas Eve service that not only creates a time for your church to gather and celebrate the…


Cyber Monday FREEBIE

  Everyone likes free stuff. You go to a conference, walk the exhibit hall, and look for who has the best swag around. You head inside, look at the chairs, and not only take yours, but perhaps the one next to you. We have all done it, and love it! People like free stuff. We like to give our best…


Giving Campaign Resource Kit

One of the most important calls upon the Christian’s life is to be generous. That generosity takes on multiple layers, and is not specific to merely our time, talent or resources, but rather the totality of all a person has to give, because everyone can give something. We want to help you foster a community of generous doers of God’s…


Five Reasons We Are Thankful

It’s almost an anthem for us, that we start and end with the church in mind. We love the church. Like really, genuinely, with all we have, love the church. It’s where we came to faith. It’s where new friends became family. It’s where we met Jesus in real and practical ways. If there is any one thing we are…


Christmas Sermon Series Kit

Here at Catalyst Church Creative we truly believe that everything we do should stem from a culture of generosity. This is a value that goes beyond our creative team and comes directly from our vision at Catalyst Church. This week we want to give you more than a freebie. We want to give you our sermons series. Glory is a series developed by our leadership…


Fall 2015 Give-A-Way

We love to give back. The church is the reason we are here. And because the vast majority of our clients are churches and para-church organizations, we want to give back, but in a crazy fun way. Here’s what we want to do: We want to give away eight hours of our time to you; no strings attached. Depending on what you’re…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.