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Announcing: Simple Sites

When it comes to websites, there are some that just don’t have the time, money or expertise to either set up or manage a website. With Simple Sites, we do it all for you. When you purchase a Simple Site from Catalyst Creative, we create a customized site catered specifically for your needs in just three steps: Choose your theme.…


Holiday Food Drive Resource Kit

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up quick! These holidays are not just times to be enjoyed, but an opportunity for the Church to be the Church. There is never a better time to go beyond our four walls and reach the community where they are at. As a church, you have been uniquely positioned by God to serve your city’s immediate…


Your Generosity Story

How your church shares your generosity story matters. Your church generosity story cannot just be about discipleship, just as it can’t only be all about money. The tithe principle still exists, but is that the word you use to communicate it? Don’t take our word for it, but rather, watch the video and hear from the people that are making…


Start with the End in Mind

While at Exponential West with STADIA, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with James Gray, pastor and visionary of Mosaic Missional Movement. As we discussed life, church planting and church planting movements, you could not help put hear his passion push through his voice and into the people that sat around him. The more he spoke about…


Sunday Social Media Kit

  We believe church goes beyond Sunday morning. So it’s important that throughout the week your church is engaging with the church body via social media. To help, we created this Sunday service social media kit. These stills are a great resource to grow your weekly attenders into avid subscribers of your digital presence. Download this free resource today, and receive access to many more!


Facebook Dark Posts

Imagine having the opportunity to hit your market right where they are at, with a very limited budget, and having it splash big for you. If you could reach 5000 people for $1 a day, would you do it? If your church could pump up the weekend’s service or an upcoming event that reached only single mothers, would you target…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.