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Halloween Mega Kit

Over the last four weeks we’ve been hooking you up with free resources for our favorite October events. With everything from Harvest Festival to Trunk or Treat, Halloween Party, and even a zombie sermon series. We wanted to make your life easy and pull all of these resources together to create a little thing we call the “October Ultra-Super-Amaz-A-Mega kit”…


Mail Does Not Work

If you are in the church world, you have no doubt been marketed to and perhaps even used, mass mailings. These mailings, or every door direct mail (EDDM) have been around for years, and churches across the country utilize them as a part of their marketing platform every year. But is that a good idea? Let’s take a look at…


Halloween Party Resource Kit

For the past four weeks, we’ve brought you the goods on Halloween in an attempt to get you as prepared as possible to meet your community where they are at. But like most things we do, we hope it doesn’t end there. We hope the conversation you start over Halloween, continues on through the fall and into the winter, as…


It Always Comes Back to Why

Whether you are a new church plant in the pre-launch phase or an existing church a decade down the road, there is always room for improvement, or what we would like to call, refinement. We had a conversation with a client over the weekend and discussed this specific point. They’re four years into their church plant, have a solid core of sixty…


Dead Alive Resource Kit

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you figured out your sermon series for October? Whether you have it dialed in or not, we want to help you create a compelling vision for a great Halloween series with our Dead Alive resource kit. This art will allow you to clearly articulate the principles of being dead to sin and alive in Christ,…


Using Video as a Reminder

We’ve written about leveraging video in ministries before, like our post on the value of video and how to make video announcements that work. Today is like that, but also different. It’s the same because we are talking about video, but also different because it’s about a different way to use video across your social media content calendar as well…


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