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Using Video as a Reminder

We’ve written about leveraging video in ministries before, like our post on the value of video and how to make video announcements that work. Today is like that, but also different. It’s the same because we are talking about video, but also different because it’s about a different way to use video across your social media content calendar as well…


Trunk or Treat Resource Kit

“Don’t just meet your community where they’re at; be with them.” There’s a large difference between going and being. Going only requires movement, while being requires participation. One of the greatest tools your church has is its people. And the most effective way you can release your people is to be amongst the city at large. But sometimes it requires…


Social Media Content Calendar for Churches

“If you want to serve people, then you must reach them where they are at.” We discuss this principle in video four of our video series, Creating a Web Presence that Lasts. Social media is not an option anymore, much like leaving the house without a cell phone. The world is drastically and dramatically different than it used to be,…


Community Life has launched!

“The local church is the hope of the world.” – Bill Hybels Last weekend we watched as Rodney Michael launched Community Life Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas. Backed by STADIA and a large group of Wichita-based churches, Community Life Christian Church is primed to make a significant impact in Wichita now and for years to come. Community Life Christian Church…


Harvest Festival Resource Kit

Want to make a difference in the lives of your community? Then meet them where they are at.  There seems to be a sort of tension in churches around the idea of Halloween. “Do we only do a Harvest Festival, because Halloween is evil?” “Do we do our own thing, and celebrate it as All Hallow’s Eve?” “Do we fully…


Exponential West 2015

Are you going to Exponential West 2015? We are, and we wanted to take a minute to remind you why your team should be going as well. You can’t do it all on your own. Expo will help resource you with knowledge and tools. You need others to be your cheerleaders. Expo surrounds you with people who truly care. You’re getting…


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