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Phase 2 Resource Kit

Is your church on the move, about ready to go from a 7 to a 10? Are you expanding your vision and kickstarting a new program? How are you revving up support? We want to help you launch your campaign push effectively with our Phase 2 Resource Kit. This kit is all about the moment in time the shuttle separates from…


Use it or lose it.

As a growing design firm, we preach a lot of things here at Creative. One of those things is social media. You’ll notice this in video four of Creating a Web Presence that Lasts. Social media is such a gorilla these days because everyone is online. We tell our clients, stop trying to make new avenues with people, and instead meet…


Game Changer Resource Kit

God is a God of change. Let this sermon series kit drive that home, as you connect the ancient with today in ways that your audience can readily accept. Inside you will find banner files, postcards, screen pics, and so much more. Now… go out and be the church, and help bring those far from God back home to Jesus.…


5 Keys to Effective Generosity

On April 16, 2015, we led a one hour webinar with our good friends at MoGiv, where we focused on the five keys to effective generosity (below). We want to give you these keys and the video right here, right now. We believe that one of the most effective messages churches can communicate today is their generosity story, so let’s…


Easter Resource Kits

Stop stressing and get sharing. Use our FREE Easter Sunday Media Resource Kits today through the weekend, and create a beautiful presentation for your church… with no stress, and no mess. Download this free resource today, and receive access to many more!


Partners, Not Clients

We use the term clients when we refer to those who use our services. But our clients are more than just mere clients; they’re partners. They’re partners with us because we rarely have one and done clients. We have consistent comeback users, who value not only our work, but the relationship we have developed with them. And because we are into developing…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.