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Steps to Engagement

“With billions of users online: if you’re not engaged in social media, you’re not going anywhere.”  As a company, you need to be amongst your audience, in order to grow your reach. If you are in direct sales, you go where they are. If you are starting up a new pizza place in town, you go to the center of…


Time is Money

One of our core values at Creative is simplicity. Because everything we do from the ground up is meant for simplicity of use, every client has a ready to go package that saves them time, and in the long run, money. Time, after all, is money. But more importantly, it’s relationships. Our clients have better things to do than waste their time…


How to Teach Your Clients

You can’t give someone a car, without giving them the keys as well. Every year across America, thousands of sixteen year old drivers climb off of their bike and into the driver’s seat of their very own car. For many parents, this is a scary period of time. Roads can be a dangerous proposition, especially if you live in crowded…


Content is NOT King

They say, “content is king”. We say, “not even close”.  While content is critical, it is no where near as important as who you are, what you are doing, and how people can take the next steps with you. What was the last car you bought? I last bought a Toyota Camry. Toyota’s are dependable, affordable, and get amazing gas…


Write It Down

You don’t have a process until you write it down.   No matter what ministry you are leading, it’s a team sport. A team needs a game plane, it needs a process. You may think that your team knows their roles and you have a process. But the truth is you don’t have a process until it’s written down. Writing down your…


Sex and The Church

Every week we want to bring you bite size pieces of information to help you reach your community. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and February being the month love, we are going to be posting Info graphics about everything love. This week we are looking at a little subject a lot of churches are scared to talk about, sex. We…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.