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Uncensored Resource Kit

If churches want to stay relevant within the context of modern culture, then they need to speak the Bible in ways that modern day audiences can hear it. Our Uncensored Resource Kit can help you communicate the hard to discuss topics that churches face, keeping your audiences engaged and visually tuned in. Download this resource today, and receive access to many…


You Need a Personal Voice Too

There is a difference between you and your work. Scenario: Church planter pushes out new content from their personal blog, then copy/pastes it on their church blog, and then shares from both personal and church social media accounts the exact same content. Users read the content once, then see it again from somewhere else, then again on this social media stream,…


The Overwhelmed Church Creative

Life as a church creative can be overwhelming. We often run a regular 9-5 job in addition to church creativity, plus any outside design work that we may have for the month. It’s got to be a creative thing, to have so many plates spinning in the air at the same time. I guess we like it. It’s not a…


Everything needs a next step.

What good is a baseball player who hits a single every time and yet never runs to first? Or how about a car that looks amazing but doesn’t have a driver to operate it? What good is a beautiful website that doesn’t have a next step for its users at every section of their website? Everything needs a next step,…


Serve Sunday Resource Kit

Churches that want to stay relevant in their community must serve their community. Jesus was crystal clear about service: He came first to serve. It’s in that spirit that we release our “Serve Sunday Resource Kit”. This kit has everything you need to craft a single service project or brand out an entire series. Download this resource today, and receive access to…


3 Keys to Branding Christmas

Trees go up and the lights come on, but a lot of churches fail to leverage the Christmas season to their advantage. Things are either half-way done or not done at all. Boards think it’s just the season and not all that important. And worship ministers across the US slap up a few decorations and call it good. That’s not…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.