and the Church

While the Coronavirus crisis has captivated the nation and created fear in our churches, we can and should respond in a calm and collected manner, providing clear next right steps for the people that call our church home. In these posts, Russ Cantu guides us how we can be prepared on-campus, through live-streaming services, through remote work and ministry, and online small groups.

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"Russ shares some great guidelines for the Coronavirus from a sane and balanced perspective, and what it means for the church. Churches that truly offer community and body ministry have nothing to fear."

- Peyton Jones, The New Breed Network

Coronavirus and the Church: How to Best Prepare for the Inevitable

I know everyone has a “10 Ways to Stay Safe this Flu Season” article, but this is different. And for me, this is a lot more personal. My wife has Multiple Sclerosis, has been undergoing chemotherapy as her treatment for two years, and is immunocompromised. While people are picking sides on a virus, I am over here as a husband…


Coronavirus and the Church: How to Take Your Church Online … FAST!

Are you ready to move fully online, today?  If you read “Coronavirus and the Church: How to Best Prepare for the Inevitable“, then you probably want to know how to take your church online as fast as possible. In this post, I will give you simple steps every church can use to take their church fully online, from weekend sermons…


Coronavirus and the Church: How to Lead Online Groups

Most churches are streaming services or asking their congregations to host watch parties in their homes over the weekend, but what are they doing for small groups? After leading online small groups for over a decade, I have a little insight into how to coordinate and lead groups effectively. Not only can this meet a need during the Coronavirus crisis,…