We have a wide range of downloads available or you, including our Social Media Content Calendar and our Creative Team Meeting Framework, each serving hundreds of churches across the globe. 

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Church Website Best Practices


Amazing church websites don’t come easy.  This seven day automated email course will guide you through my proven processes so you can elevate your web game. I’m going to give you exactly what you need to make a website that helps people make the transition from online visitor to in-person guest. As we accomplish this together, you will find that…


How to Lead Online Small Groups

$9.00 – $99.00

You need a proven process that works for online small groups. That’s exactly what that does, in four short lessons that you can use to train every one of your small group leaders. We have two payment plans too, and they’re spectacular 🙌 “Personal Use Access” is for a single small group leader. “All Church Access” is for your entire…


How to Launch Online Small Groups

$29.00 – $199.00

It’s time to roll and learn “How to Launch Online Small Groups!” You will be joining online small group ministry expert Russ Cantu, as he takes you through four simple steps to successfully launch online small groups at your church. Once you complete your purchase, you will automatically have access to the four lessons below, as well as access to Russ…

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Personal Branding for Pastors


How to Take Your Next Right Step and Develop a Brand that Works for You Solve your problems and be more fulfilled. Our culture is moving in a direction where pastors need a little “something something” in order make ends meet. Right now we are already seeing this trend become commonplace, where more and more of you need a second…


North Coast Church Case Study


From how people make online donations to the way you engage your church and manage its day-to-day life, the technology you use plays a part in how you make disciples. This is what North Coast Church discovered, in addition to saving more than $80,000 a year and dozens of people hours.

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$59.00 – $199.00

MessageWP removes distractions and communicates your message clearly so your audience can engage your content as simply as possible. MessageWP is a collaboration between Russ Cantu and Jason Adams that solves the problem of audio and video players on WordPress websites. In the past, your options have been to buy a plugin that attempts to solve everything or one that…

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$59.00 – $299.00

NotesWP is the first and only WordPress plugin that allows your audience to engage with your content in real-time.  Churches are always looking for a way to engage their audience. Now they can do just that with one simple plugin that works across all WordPress websites. Once you purchase, install, and activate your NotesWP plugin, you are well on your…

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Creative Team Meeting Framework for Sermon Branding


We aren’t magicians, but we do know how to create a little meeting magic.  Ten questions to help you discover, develop and distribute an effective sermon series that attracts and attaches your audience. Included in this download: .pdf file for immediate completion .sketch working file for immediate editing

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment


How are you best gifted in order to serve the church and city?  This question comes up all the time. We speak on it from the stage. We take classes on the subject. We serve until our hand bleed. The thing is: sometimes we just need a little help, or perhaps some clarification. We want to help provide that clarification for…

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Connect the Dots


Are you ready to market your church the right way? It’s not easy, there is no single formula that works, but there are principles that will guide you along the way no matter if you are a word of mouth only pastor or one that goes all out in the digital space. If you can rally the troops around these…

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The Ultimate Church Capital Guide


Answering the questions you didn’t know you had about church financing, fundraising, and raising capital for campaigns. Delivered from a shared webcast with Generis, “Generosity Solutions for Growing Ministries.”

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What Every Church Needs to Know about Recurring Giving


Online giving, text giving, kiosks, mobile apps, crowd-funding pages, web-based church communities, widgets, gizmos, gadgets, you name it! It seems like every month there is a new “game changing” technology that is poised to “redefine church giving as we know it.” In this rapidly changing environment, you’d be forgiven for throwing up your hands in frustration and exclaiming, “Goodness gracious!…


Dori Gorman, Co-Lead Pastor, New Story Chicago

"Catalyst Creative was one of the best experiences we had when our church needed a new website quickly. In just one week we had an incredible website with every feature we wanted - online giving, podcast platform, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly editing through WordPress. From start to finish, the Catalyst Creative team was professional and efficient, reducing any stress I had about our church's online presence. I highly recommend Catalyst Creative for churches and businesses who are looking for a high-quality, attention-getting web presence."