How are you best gifted in order to serve the church and city? 

This question comes up all the time. We speak on it from the stage. We take classes on the subject. We serve until our hand bleed. The thing is: sometimes we just need a little help, or perhaps some clarification.

We want to help provide that clarification for you by giving you three assessment pieces that will help you paint your spiritual gift picture. When you download the package below for free, you will receive three pieces:

  1. Spiritual Gift Assessment: Questions that ask how God has wired you.
  2. Spiritual Gift Assessment Key: Likely outcomes for what your gifts may be.
  3. Spiritual Gift Definitions: A well defined list of spiritual gifts.

In combination with regular Christian service, we believe that this assessment will help you identify your God-given gifts so you can better serve your church and city, according to your specific gifting.