It's time to roll and learn "How to Launch Online Small Groups!"

You will be joining online small group ministry expert Russ Cantu, as he takes you through four simple steps to successfully launch online small groups at your church. Once you complete your purchase, you will automatically have access to the four lessons below, as well as access to Russ for any questions you and your ministry may have. In addition to this initial course launch, we will continue to build out the course with more content in an effort to assist your growing small group needs.

Your Four Lessons

  1. How to Get People in Your Group & Engaged
  2. How to Use Audio, Video, and Lighting
  3. How to Lead Your Meeting
  4. How to Follow-Up with People

For You AND Your Church

We are now offering three license options for you, your church staff, and your entire church. Whether you want to get better on your own or if you want to take your entire small group leadership through this training, we now have a plan for you.

Unlimited Access

No matter when you buy, you will always have access to your course. In addition to lifetime access, you will immediately receive access to new content that is loaded into the course.