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Online giving, text giving, kiosks, mobile apps, crowd-funding pages, web-based church communities, widgets, gizmos, gadgets, you name it! It seems like every month there is a new “game changing” technology that is poised to “redefine church giving as we know it.”

In this rapidly changing environment, you’d be forgiven for throwing up your hands in frustration and exclaiming, “Goodness gracious! Where do I even start?” In fact, when it comes to digital giving, many pastors and church leaders have done just that.

Understandably so. With so many ministerial and organizational needs jockeying for priority, the effort to keep up with an ever-changing carousel of “latests and greatests” can be an overwhelming proposition.

And that’s where this eBook comes in. Because, as wonderful as many of the new apps and gadgets may be, the most important giving tool available to churches is one that most already have right at their fingertips!