Your website is the digital front door to your audience.

How are you making it easy for them to walk through?

It’s easier than you think for your church to win online.

Stop trying so hard to force it. We will teach you the tried and true tricks of the trade so you can start seeing new guests in your church this Sunday.

Learn how to help your audience make the leap from online visitor to in-person guest in this fun and informative seven day email course. Then watch as your church attendance goes up 30% once you apply each day’s best practices.

Topics Include:

  • The need for a killer website
  • How to get your front page to pop
  • The most important part of your website
  • How to write the perfect content
  • Three questions you must answer
  • How to not suck and get unstuck
  • Getting found online (SEO)
  • How to maximize generosity

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