Harvest Festival

Want to make a difference in the lives of your community? Then meet them where they are at. 

There seems to be a sort of tension in churches around the idea of Halloween.

  • “Do we only do a Harvest Festival, because Halloween is evil?”
  • “Do we do our own thing, and celebrate it as All Hallow’s Eve?”
  • “Do we fully lean into Halloween and just go culture crazy?”

We are not here to add fuel to any fire, but rather meet you, our audience, where you are at and resource you to the best of our ability. We strongly believe that the heart of God is for all people to be saved, so if your best contextual method is a festival at your church, use this resource. If it’s a Trunk or Treat, then that’s next week (stay tuned). If it’s a Halloween Party, then that’s coming to.

Wherever you are at this Halloween prep season, we will meet you there.

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