"Method is Message"

The name of the game has changed dramatically.

Your audience doesn’t just move into your neighborhood and start going to your church anymore. Society as a whole is fragmented and you need to help put the pieces back together again. That’s why come alongside of you and develop proper inbound and outbound strategies, from social media to websites, in hand invitations to your assimilation process. We help you tighten down your system so it can better work for you, and ultimately, your audience.

Marketing that Works

Scroll through the posts below or contact us to see how we could work together in order to reach your audience in ways that they will accept and embrace.

Content Marketing Basics and How To Apply Them To Your Church’s Website

As churches are for the most part only locally accessible to their members, many of them tend to brush off any form of online content marketing and instead stick to the more conventional advertising methods of newspaper ads, radio ads, flyers, and signs. However, these same churches are missing out on many opportunities to reach out and spread the message…

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How to Have Your Best Easter Ever

Next to Christmas, Easter weekend is the highest attended weekend in the church world; It’s like the Super Bowl for Christians. But like Christmas, there is also a steep decline that next weekend. It’s natural and should be expected, but we get so disappointed when the people who raised their hand Sunday, don’t show up next week. I want to…

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