How to Use Google My Business for Your Church

Is your church listed on Google My Business? When you’re busy leading your congregation and performing the countless other tasks of running a church, you probably don’t think much about online tools such as this. Nonetheless, creating a Google My Business listing can benefit your church in several ways.

What Is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free-to-use online directory of local businesses, nonprofits, churches and other organizations. Formerly known as Google Places, it’s used by millions of people each day. Google My Business listings are displayed in multiple locations, including Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus. When someone searches for your church on any of these platforms, they may see your church’s listing. Owning your Google My Business listing gives you control over your contact information, description, and allows you to communicate with reviews while enhancing your SEO. We’ve talked about this before and how much Google can improve your SEO ranking, with our post on “How to Rank High In Google” that’s been shared dozens of times. 

Advantages for Your Church

There are several advantages to using Google My Business for your church, one of which is a higher attendance. If someone is looking for a new church to attend, he or she may search for nearby churches online, thereby introducing them to your place of worship.

You can also use Google My Business to educate your congregation about your church’s service. When creating a listing, include relevant information like your church’s address, phone number, hours of service, support groups, bible studies and upcoming events. If a member of your congregation wants to learn more about your church’s services, he or she can visit your Google My Business listing.

How to Get Started

Now that you know the advantages of Google My Business, you’re probably eager to create a listing for your church. First, however, you should check to see if someone has already added your church. Anyone can create a new listing, but only the owner of the business or organization can verify it. If your church is already listed on Google My Business, you’ll need to check it to obtain full, exclusive control over the listing. If it’s not listed, you’ll see a message from Google asking if you’d like to create one.

Don’t just toss up a primary listing for your Church. To take advantage of Google’s online directory, you must create a complete, detailed listing that accurately reflects your church. This means uploading photos of your church and congregation as well as including a description about your church.

Some church leaders assume that Google My Business is only useful for commercial businesses, but this isn’t necessarily true. It’s a powerful tool that can help you attract new members to your congregation and project your church as up-to-date and modern. You can learn more about developing your web image and brand here.