BONUS: The Pastor Brand Statement Piece

Bonus Lesson

In this bonus lesson, we are going create a statement piece that will help you discuss your personal brand with your audience, using both anti and advocate angles.

What's next? 

You can consider your Pastor Brand course done, or you can take this next step and get some help communicating your brand. In this we are discussing anti and advocate positions, how people who are unreceptive and receptive to your brand and message, and how you can communicate clearly to both audiences. As we discuss ways to communicate these angles, our brand comes into focus, and our message becomes clearer and more real.

The statement piece is five pages of pure awesomeness.

  1. Your brand promise and the Pastor Brand Statement Piece.
  2. How to introduce your personal brand.
  3. How to explain your personal brand.
  4. How to activate your personal brand.
  5. How to put it all together: A website landing page example.

The statement piece is meant to show you how your work can be made into a story that attracts and attaches your audience. The included example is for a website landing page, but you can use the same format for winning people over through email campaigns, promotional videos, pitch decks, and more.

When you are done, you can send your PDF to me directly or show me what you came up with when we meet together to discuss your brand via web video conference. Looking forward to meeting!

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