Your Message, Communicated Clearly

MessageWP removes distractions and communicates your message clearly so your audience can engage your content as simply as possible.

MessageWP is the premiere WordPress plugin for your audio and video content.

Through proven analytics, we created a plugin that serves up your media content in a way that your audience can easily engage with and share.

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MessageWP is Simple, Responsive, and SEO-Ready

Built for churches from the ground up.

MessageWP is built with the user and administrator in mind, taking you less than five minutes to update your message. It is fully responsive across all your user's devices and will stay current with regular updates and major releases. In addition, it works out of the box with all your favorite SEO plugins like Yoast and SmartCrawl Pro, so you always rank high.

We work for you.

MessageWP is a collaboration between Russ Cantu and Jason Adams that solves the problem of audio and video players on WordPress websites.

In the past, your options have been to buy a plugin that attempts to solve everything (and more that you don't need) or one that solves nothing. Either design is lost or function is forgotten. MessageWP takes this into consideration and delivers a plugin with a simplified dashboard, easy navigation for your users, is fully-responsive with a beautiful design that wows, and 100% SEO-ready right out of the box.