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Live Notes is the first and only WordPress plugin that allows your audience to engage with your content in real-time. Take notes on your website, save progress, and send yourself notes via email.


Churches are always looking for a way to engage their audience. Now they can do just that with one simple plugin that works across all WordPress websites. Once you purchase, install, and activate your Live Notes plugin, you are well on your way to helping engage your audience, making it easier for them to retain and engage with your content.

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Ready in Less than 5 Minutes

Your job is people, not projects. Live Notes is your partner, installing in less than 5 minutes. Just choose the page you want it on and you're ready.


iOS and Android Friendly

You need a solution that your audience loves to use. Live Notes allows your audience to engage the way they want with zero hassle.


WordPress on Your Terms

You can leave Live Notes as-is or pre-load your own content like headings, links, fill in the blanks, or your own sermon notes content.

Connected with Live Notes

Aaron Rountree at Newbreak Church

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"Live Notes is exactly what we need. Our church has a church app, but so many are looking for something simpler, without having to download an app. Live Notes gets us there in a fresh package that our people love."

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