What if there was a way for your church to expand your online presence AND do real-world good?

  • What if it led to more exposure in your community?
  • What if it led to more engagement online?
  • What if it helped build schools and put food on childrens’ plates around the world?
  • What if it helped plant churches?

There are no more “what ifs” in this scenario, because the answer is here.

Reach by Causely partners your church’s Facebook check-ins with real world good. 

When someone at your church checks in on Facebook, and your account is connected with Reach, people around the world benefit. Because of this, a few things happen:

  • This month, children in Burma are fed a meal for every check-in.
  • Next month, kids with Compassion Intl. will be cared for, for a day with every check-in.
  • Every month the cause changes, but the goal remains: check-ins for real world good.

This impact is not only felt around the world, it’s felt in your own church as well. As your church completes Facebook check-ins, they will know that:

  • Their social media engagement is doing some good around the world.
  • They are partnering with pre-screened and worthy organizations doing amazing work.
  • People in their community are hearing about the church and these causes.
  • Your church will grow because of it, in depth and width.

Facebook check-ins are the perfect way to tell people about your church.

Not only is each check-in typically seen by over 200 friends, it also provides a ton of valuable information about your church. More Facebook check-ins means more people invited to your church.

You know that we start and end with the church in mind, and if we can help you grow your church AND serve the world, then we have to encourage you to do that.

Right now, strongly consider signing up for reach and start reaching more people for Christ, in your community and around the world.


Real World Good