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Live Notes

Where Notes Live on WordPress

Now you're able to take notes directly on your website, save progress, and send yourself a copy of your notes via email. You now have an entire new way to encourage your audience to engage with your content. We are excited to be the first WordPress agency to give your audience the ability to easily take real-time sermon notes!

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Possible Ways on How to Protect Your Church

How to Protect the Flock: Modern Security for Churches

Historically, churches have been a place of sanctuary. Though part of English law up until the 17th century, sanctuary use of a church for individuals under risk of prosecution or persecution is only honored today out of respect. Furthermore, there has been a general decline in respect for churches overall. This site reports that Dallas Drake, a criminologist, reported that…

Four tools that will help you win the marketplace.

Yes, You Can Run a Business and Help People at the Same Time

It can be challenging to own and operate businesses without forgetting how important the presence of God is in our lives. Society as a general whole cares more about where the next dollar will come from than the welfare of their neighbors or even family members. But you don’t have to live that way. You can make a difference and…


WP Church Theme

This is WordPress that works for you. Now building a high impact WordPress website doesn't have to be a headache. Just install, edit, and publish. Use the live front-end custom site builder to create a new page in under five minutes with our pre-loaded templates, and take your site live within a day.