How to Take Your Next Right Step and Develop a Brand that Works for You

Want to solve your money problems and be more fulfilled?

Our culture is moving in a direction where pastors need a little "something something" in order make ends meet. Right now we are already seeing this trend become commonplace, where more and more of you need a second job or a side-hustle in order to put food on the table or be fulfilled. I want to help make this easy for you, so you can become a successful tent-maker and provide security for your dependents.

I want to provide a simple solution to your problem. In three short lessons, I will help you establish yourself as a more genuine and visible brand. By the end of this course, you will have a clear brand promise that is uniquely you and made for your audience.

"This course has been a huge help for me. The process that Russ lays out is easy to follow, helps me think about my goals and desires, and is providing me a framework that will help me reach my audience. If you want to take your brand to the next level, then this course is for you!" Peyton Jones, Ministry Ninja

Here's how it'll work:

Course Lessons

  • Defining Personal and Professional Wins
  • Your Unique Space and Offering
  • Becoming a Genuine and Visible Brand

Your Course Includes ...

  • Personal dashboard on our website.
  • Short video tutorials for each lesson.
  • Worksheets to help you process.

Everyone has something to give, and we are all looking for a little margin in our life. I want to help you take your passion and experience and turn it into a personal brand and offering that will help your community and your life.

At the core of the course is community.

You will be taking the course along other pastors and ministry leaders who want some of the same things you do. That's why the course comes with videos, worksheets, and access to me, as well as everything detailed below. So sit back, dig in, and enjoy the learning process that occurs when you think deep about yourself and collaborate with others.

Private Consultation

I want you to take the course AND apply the lessons in your life. In our thirty minute call, I will help you flesh out your brand and offering, and prepare it for real-world scenarios.

Exclusive Resources

If the course ended here, it would be well worth it for you. But we are kicking it up a notch and constantly building out resources just for our branding audiences, and it's all yours!

Roundtable Chat

Our roundtables focus on bouncing ideas off of other pastors and ministry leaders, refining the brand and offering, and making sure it resonates well with our intended audience.

Money-Back Guarantee

Don't like the course, collaboration, or me; cancel within 14 days. There are no strings attached; just a calling to help you climb your mountain and reach that peak!

Your audience needs your voice.

You have something to say, and they need someone to speak wisdom and experience. It's time to invest in yourself. All it takes is 3 lessons and honest work, and you will have a brand that works for you and your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions