Social Media Content Management

Social media is the preferred method of communication for your audience. However, most churches don’t know how to share and engage online and are missing the opportunities culture is placing right in front of them. Social media management is just like every other ministry in your church: vital to your overall health and growth, and necessary to meet your audience where they are at.

We will help you build a social media strategy that meets the needs of your audience in real-time. Because we help you develop a reproducible strategy and manage the strategy for and with you, you are able to walk away with a clear and consistent message from the pulpit to the streets.

Every church needs a proven social media strategy if they are going to thrive in the real world. Here’s why:

  • 78% of your audience is actively engaged on social media.
  • 89% of all guests visit you online before they ever step foot in your lobby.
  • 31% of all web traffic is driven by social media.
  • The right strategy equates to 3x more conversion and 50% more engagement.

We believe in the local church and know that a proven social media strategy is an essential in today’s context. If the church wants to continue to reach the current audience of unchurched and the ones that are coming up, it will need to respond today instead of react tomorrow.

That’s why we will evaluate your system for free, produce a plan that will work for you and your context, and manage your daily social media content strategy and engagement.

If you would like to take the next right step in your social media strategy, please fill out the form below and someone from our social media management team will respond within one business day.

Catalyst Creative have been incredible in helping our church work through website and SEO solutions. Their team is super responsive and have hearts like teachers. I feel like every time I talk with their team, I learn more about giving our church a better online presence in our community.

Eddie Harrison Worship Pastor at Crosspointe Church Anaheim October 17, 2016