The Intentions Filter

Transitions are only difficult if you don’t plan for them.

This week we discussed how anyone can take the next right step, no matter what the situation may be. It could be a transition in leadership, an upcoming event; it doesn’t matter. The key to this piece is that you are prepared to filter out the fluff from the stuff you need to accomplish.

We want to help you succeed in your church and home life. The Intentions Filter will help guide you through whatever process you need to push through. 

  • “What’s the point?” – State your mission objective.
  • “What do you want to do?” – State your desired outcome.
  • “How will things be different?” – State the difference this will make for everyone.
  • “What are your next steps?” – State the next right thing you need to do to accomplish your desired outcome.
  • “The point refined.” – State your original mission objective, refined through the process.

At the end of The Intentions Filter, you should have a much smoother process to take your team through. If this filter doesn’t help you, toss it out. If it helps you, use it over and over again, and share it with your friends. If you find that your refined point is vastly different than the original point, consider how you are approaching all your process.

And then get ready for next week, because we’ve got your back their too!

The Next Right Step