To ensure that your church can remain relevant for as long as possible, you need to be sure that you step into the digital age on the right foot. Virtualization is essential in this day and age and establishing a significant digital footprint is vital. The following guide walks you through a few ways virtualization can benefit your church.

Securely Deliver Information to Parishioners

When people come to a church, they often give tithes to the church. The church then has to track the tithes and provide proof of the amount that each family gave to the church so that the family can use the information as a tax deduction when they file taxes each. Citrix is a great system that churches can use to track and deliver this information to families electronically securely. It avoids the risk of someone intercepting a letter sent by mail and avoids workers within the church from having to track down each parishioner during service to provide them with their tithing statement. Though keep in mind that citrix unfortunately does not natively support virtual printing.

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Reach More People Through Online Service Viewing

Another great way to enter into the digital era is to stream the services live online. People who are sick, injured, or just too overwhelmed by coming to church can still hear the word without actually having to go to church. Streaming service costs very little and allows your service to be seen by people near and far. You can also record the services and store them on your church website for people to view at a later time so that they can see the facilities at their convenience.

Ensure Parishioners Know What Is Happening in the Church Through Social Media

In this day and age, social media is essential if a church wants to thrive. Younger generations use social media as a way to keep up with current events and track important dates. Having a significant social media presence is essential when you are a church because you want to be able to reach your entire congregation quickly and easily when needed. Being able to post something on social media that numerous members of your church can see at one time can ensure that the church gets the help that it needs when it needs it. This is essential when it comes to disaster relief, missionary causes, and physical needs in the church. It’s best to hire a professional social media rep to handle the social media aspect of the church to ensure that nothing offensive is ever posted and so that offensive posts can be treated properly.

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Promote to the Community Through a Great Website

When people search for churches to attend, the first place that they often look is on the church website. Having a great site set up is essential. Be sure to have it professionally done so that it is easy to navigate and simple to update as needed. You will need to change the website on a regular basis to update current events that are taking place at the church, so an easy to use layout is essential.

Virtualization will take time. Be sure to let your congregation know when the church has a social media and online presence established so that they can like, share, or tweet about it online. This can help to promote the church to others within the community without having to spend more money on promoting it. Once your social media have enough followers, it will be more present online and more comfortable for people who are considering visiting your church.

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