“If your church was gone tomorrow, would anyone notice?”

This dramatic quote will lead us into our focus for today: “Why Mobile Apps?” Because we are a design house from the church for the church, we want to help answer this question by laying out three reasons why every church needs an app.

Apps Create a Permanent Presence

We touched briefly on this in our last post, but let’s spin this one up a little for you. Right now, over 90% of the population has access to the internet and most are using smartphones (70 of the internet’s traffic is mobile-based). That means that your audience is more likely than not to have immediate access to your content. From a reference point, think of the apps on your phone. As a matter of practice, most people think about picking up their phones once a minute. Now, if your church has an app that is paired with your website, then it’s likely to assume that your audience can download it, and it would be immediately accessible and visible upon unlocking the device. Wouldn’t you like your audience to choose you over Angry Birds or Facebook?

Apps Create a Funnel to Your Content

While some make the mistake of putting everything from their website on their app, the best practice is to choose the highest engaging material for your audience. This means your app will function to give your audience exactly what they want, but also what they never knew they needed. We recommend the following app pages for churches: Home, About, Online Messages, Upcoming Events, Online Giving, and Contact Information. When you leverage the simplicity of the app, you create a simplistic pipeline for getting your audience to take the next right step.

Apps Help Build Your Brand

Most churches do not have an app, and the single greatest reason why is because the think it’s out of reach for them. Not only do we make it within everyone’s reach, but we help position it to help you build your brand through it. Because everyone has a smartphone, and most have phones that run on either iOS or Android, it makes sense for you to build your brand on the platforms they are already choosing and using. Here’s the low down: if people are using smartphones as their main method of communication and you’re choosing not to meet them where they are at, what is that saying?

As a church, are you doing everything you can to remove every obstacle between you and your audience? Mobile apps for iOS and Android help break down these barriers, and place the church in the palm of their community’s hands. It’s time to build your brand, create funnels from the community to your church, and to be a permanent presence in the lives of your audience today.

Thinking about an app? We can help with that.