Yes, You Can Run a Business and Help People at the Same Time

It can be challenging to own and operate businesses without forgetting how important the presence of God is in our lives. Society as a general whole cares more about where the next dollar will come from than the welfare of their neighbors or even family members. But you don’t have to live that way. You can make a difference and make a living while you’re at it.

Determining Your Business Needs

One of the key things you can do to free up time is to write down aspects of your business that you would like to see handled by a second or third party. These issues can involve marketing your product or service, keeping track of customers and keeping track of sales analytics.

There is plenty on the internet that can confuse and mislead you when it comes to searching for this kind of help. Small businesses owners need the right software and applications to help them run their businesses, but often don’t know that these services are even available to them or have trouble finding services that are priced within their budget.

Innovative Business Solution Providers


Womply by Toby Scammell is what is called an SaaS provider. This means Service as a Software. It provides innovative software for small business owners for monitoring how well marketing strategies are working, keeping track of customer satisfaction and finding new ways of increasing profits.


MixPanel is another user analytics software provider that offers the same kind of services. However, MixPanel specializes in providing software solutions for using on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. The information MixPanel’s software can provide will help you keep track of what your customers like, don’t like and what brings them back for more.


Talend is a cloud-based data integration platform that helps employers train their employees with software that exists on the cloud. This software can be accessed anywhere with a computer or wireless device. They also provide top-tier business software for tracking productivity and other business-related issues.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is the perfect platform for real estate investors and the like to monitor their investments, keep track of leads and close on their investments. The software works well on any browser and on most computerized devices.

It’s up to us as Christian business owners to find innovative and convenient tools and resources to help us run our businesses without losing track of our spiritual life. In this day and age, it’s easy to enlist the support of high-tech companies to help us run our businesses. The challenge is to find the right one that offers the right benefits.

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