How to Use a Phone or Computer

While there are ways to go into full production mode, it’s best to keep things simple and excellent. The simplest way to lead your online small group will be by using an app on your phone that is paired with headphones. Yes; it really can be that simple. Any phone that is less than two years old has a high-quality front-facing camera and can pair nicely with bluetooth headphones. You can use wired headphones if you would like, but wireless gives you the flexibility to move around.

My preferred headphone or audio products: Apple AirPods (what I use) or Taotronics Sound Liberty 79, and the Blue Yeticaster (I also use this for my professional recordings)


If you do not want to lead your group through your phone, you can easily lead it on your laptop or desktop computer. You can download the app ahead of time, install and test it, and know what will work best for you. You can use the built in camera if you are using a laptop, or take it up a notch and use a high-definition webcam while using a desktop. Most webcams come with microphones as well, though you may still want the freedom of movement and ease of use by using a pair or bluetooth headphones as your mic and speaker.

My preferred webcams: Logitech BRIO (what I use) or StreamCam

Notice that even though I stepped up to using a webcam for this video, some of the audio and video came in and out of focus and quality? This will happen, and a lot of the time it will be 100% completely out of your control. Things like weather, cable servicing, or the amount of people in your home who are using the internet will greatly affect your conference call quality.