Your Unique Space and Offering

Lesson 2

In this second lesson, we are going to discover and develop your unique offering.

You are your greatest commodity. 

I often tell my clients, "No one can be you but you." While everyone has something to give, not a lot of people have defined what they have to give and who would ever want it. I've been fortunate that for the past several years, Larry Osborne at North Coast Church has been my mentor. Those who are mentored by him often call him Yoda, because the man just oozes wisdom. But you know what? Every time we get together in our mentor group, he is always listening; leaning in to what others have to say.

Your wisdom and experience is an asset.

You never know who can benefit from it until you release it into the wild. Perhaps you're a student pastor who has been honing their craft for the past two decades, or a administrative assistant who has been managing their church's calendar and staff for the past five years; you have something to give, and we just need to determine what that is and discover the audience that is waiting for you to pour into them.

Today's Action Steps

  • Watch the supplemental video.
  • Complete the included worksheet.
  • Save the worksheet to upload at the end of the course.

As you wrap this worksheet, you will begin to see something come together. This is your life laid before you: your wisdom and experience, presented in terms that make sense to others. This is a good thing! You now have the beginning of a personal brand that works for you, and can work for your audience. You are doing it, so congrats!