Becoming a Genuine and Visible Brand

Lesson 3

For your third lesson, we are going to help you deliver a brand promise with clear next right steps that will move you closer to achieving your goals.

When I started Catalyst Church Creative, I did not all of a sudden "arrive". It took several years under our belt in order for our audience to trust us as an authority in our space. 

In early 2019, we changed things up a bit. With a redeveloped website, better level of support, and growing client base who had more demands that required a more focused set of skills, we reworked our brand promise to the following: "Catalyst Church Creative is your team of trusted digital experts who specialize in growing churches through highly engaging brands and websites with top-shelf coaching and consulting." From our brand promise (which is prominent on our homepage), you can assume the following:

  1. We are a team.
  2. We are digital experts.
  3. We specialize in four areas.

Notice that we don't pretend to be all things to all people. We focus on what we are good at, and if you need something that is out of our expertise, we will pass you off to differently capable hands.

How does this translate to you? 

You need to develop a brand where you promises ring true. The wisdom and experience we spoke on in lesson two will need to translate into real world on-the-ground practical next right steps for your audience. If someone can look at you or hear your name in a crowd, and immediately know what you are about, then you will know that you are winning the brand battle.

Today's Action Steps

  • Watch the supplemental video.
  • Complete the included worksheet.
  • Upload your three .pdf worksheets in the form below.
  • Request a time to meet with me to discuss your brand.

Once you have completed all three lessons, taken all the required quizzes, and have filled out all the downloadable assets, you will have a workable brand that you can begin to take out into the world, to your audience, on their terms.

This is the part of the journey I love: seeing a student encouraged to seize the day, with tools and resources they know that can help them achieve all their dreams and goals. Please know that as you wrap up this three lesson course that I am not abandoning you. We are currently developing the next phase in the branding coursework where we will help you design, market, and monetize your brand.

Submit your worksheets and schedule time.

You have now completed three worksheets from your three course lessons. Please submit these worksheets in .pdf format in the form and schedule a time to meet with Russ Cantu (if you so desire). Your call with Russ will help you process through your brand and your next right steps.

Please upload .pdf files only.
Please upload .pdf files only.
Please upload .pdf files only.
If you would like to meet with Russ, please enter your preferred times and days.