Our nation is divided.

Aisles have become larger.

People are angrier.

Cities are shutting down.

It’s not just how did we get here, but where do we go from here? 

We are in this position for a lot of reasons. A large majority of the population felt like they were not heard, found someone who either spoke to them or someone to speak out against, and now things are different. Everything is different.

People are different.

Neighborhoods are different.

You are different.

Is there any way we can look at this as a good thing? 

Absolutely. Without speaking to whether or not we are fans of what happened on election Tuesday, we can absolutely say we are not fans of the rioting, violence, oppression, harassment, and perceived indignation of people groups throughout the process.

If anything though, things that we thought were in the dark have now been brought to light.

This is a good thing. No; it is a great thing. We as a nation, as individuals, as a church local and global, now have no option but to wrestle with where we are. We need to confront the elephant in the pew, racial discrimination, privilege, hate, mistrust, and so much more.

The church has always played a central role in any significant social movement. 

Now is the time for the church to leverage the opportunity that was placed before them and be a voice to the voiceless, no matter what aisle their audience stands on, no matter what skin color they may have, no matter who they voted for or what party they are affiliated with.

We are one church that serves the same God, made in His image so that all may come to know Him.

Now is the time for movement. Walk across the aisle and start the conversations we need to have in this country. We will be. We’ll be praying for you to do as well.