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How Online Church Changes Post Covid

Churches who understand their online church offering will fare better than those who offer nothing post-Covid. Online Church has been the name of the game for the past year while church has wrestled through masks, how and when to open, and how to best serve their audience while keeping them safe. While online church will not simply go away once…


How Online Learning Platforms Will Change Churches

Americans love choice: What food to order and what service to have it delivered to our doorstep, where to move and put down roots, what club team or sport should their children be involved in. We love choices, but the church does not often present choices for their congregations. There are certain ways that a church does business and there…


How I Maintain Margin in the Madness of Isolation

No one said this was going to be easy. Watching on as 250,000 Americans die around you can take a toll on you. As politicians fight amongst themselves, throwing their weak to the wolves, we are left to fend for ourselves the best we know how. Sometimes, that’s just not enough. I get it. It can be exhausting. We don’t…


Online Courses Create Healthy Churches

Your church is finding their new rhythm. Whether your state or county has restrictions on public gatherings or wearing masks, you are attempting to find a new rhythm for your church. This includes how to do ministry on the weekends with live in-person services, mid-week gatherings, ongoing classes, and ministry to families. The list does not end there, as no one…


Linktree is Not the Only Link You’ll Ever Need

You do not need Linktree. Now used by brands such as Mailchimp, MOMA, Red Bull, and Rhett and Link, Linktree is the newest platform to leverage a single landing page for all your links. While the goal is to “… help your audience discover all your important content”, it only propitiates the fragmentation it hopes to solve. While a “one…


Maybe It’s Time We Started Thinking About Worship Differently through Covid

As Covid continues to drag on, so do the limits and constraints that have been placed on places of worship. In California, churches have been required to close down mass indoor gatherings and move their services either online or outdoor in alignment with physical distancing and mask wearing guidelines. In the midst of a nationwide conversation where churches are working…


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