Services Used, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Your GDPR Rights.

This privacy policy explains how we collect information, what we do with it, and all the other stuff we need to communicate. We obtain the minimal amount of information necessary to provide service from software such as:

  • We stopped using Google Analytics, and are now exclusively using Fathom Analytics. Why? Well, it's because they value your privacy just as much as we do.
  • ConvertKit is used to capture your email address when you proactively subscribe using forms on this website. There are options to update your preferences or unsubscribe in every email the Company sends.
  • Stripe collects personal and financial information required to process your purchase and pass it to the Company’s payment gateway.
  • Vimeo is used to embed videos on this Website. These websites may capture browser and IP data, but are never passed additional personally-identifying data (like your name/email).
  • WPForms is used to create the forms on this website, like the contact form. Only the minimum amount of data is gathered and stored to deliver service.