I'm Russ, and I get you.

I am the principal at Catalyst and your biggest fan. I grew up in the Silicon Valley behind the scenes of the tech and venture capital world. I was a pastor for two decades, and now I'm blending these spaces to provide data-informed insight into the church world, so leaders can more effectively reach their audiences.

I am for you, the work you are putting out into the world, and am personally invested in your church. 

My experience means that I am uniquely qualified to help you shape and share your story, so your audience can more easily embrace it as their own. Take a look around at some of the people I have worked with. I don't do advertising. I don't use fancy campaigns to get people in. I just leverage the combined experience of my team and data-driven insight to help you be the best you possible. Ultimately, I think that leads to a product we all can be proud of.