Russ Cantu

Owner | Strategist | Your Biggest Fan

"I grew up in the Silicon Valley behind the scenes of the venture capital world. I was a pastor for two decades. Now I blend the two to provide data-driven insight into the church space, so churches can more effectively reach their audiences."

Know that I am for you, and I am for your church. My experience means that I am uniquely qualified to help you shape and share your story, so your audience can more easily embrace it as their own. Take a look around at some of the people I have worked with. I don't do advertising. I don't use fancy campaigns to get people in. I just leverage the combined experience of my team and data-driven insight to help you be the best you possible. Ultimately, I think that leads to a product we all can be proud of.

I have built the absolute best team possible: Ross and Jason are killing it developing plugins that serve the growing needs of the church. Bridget and Austin are shaping videos and graphics that constantly draw people in. We have all bought into the mission of the church, so everyone may know Jesus.