People like to talk, so here's what they have to say.

I'm sure you've been to other websites where testimonials are laid out all pretty and perfect. The thing is, I want the focus to be on my friends and my clients. I know it's weird, but I would rather fade away and just allow my friends to speak for themselves. So that's what this is.

Russ has worked for and helped friends at companies like:

Catalyst_Testimonials from Partners

Larry Osborne

“I want to put my little five-star review right here, because I believe Russ and these folks can help you a ton; they sure have helped us.”

North Coast Church

If you want to see how I helped Larry and North Coast Church save more than $80,000 a year, plus double their online giving in less than six months, then you need to download the case study I prepared with Tithely. 

Dean Sweetman, Tithely CEO

Dean Sweetman

Russ just plain gets it. From developing new marketing strategies, to sitting around the table and giving us practical next right steps for our upcoming releases, he constantly shows up where we need it. We could not be where we are today without his knowledge and expertise, and always look forward to our next time together.”

Tithely CEO

Frank Barry

"Russ really has a heart for the church and does amazing work. He's helped us interact with a bunch of different churches throughout Southern California and knows his stuff. Definitely, definitely talk to Russ."

Tithely COO

"You cannot afford them on your staff, you don’t have the creativity on your team, you don’t have the website that you need, you’re a start-up. You need all this stuff. They are your resource; They're ours."

Chris Brown, Senior Pastor at North Coast Church

“I’ve been helping new churches find web design companies for the last seven years. Catalyst Creative is the first one in all of that time that has taken seriously the as-important job of social media integration and Search Engine Optimization (getting found by Google). Having a pretty website is nice. Having a pretty website that Google serves up on the first page of search results makes it useful.”

Patrick Bradley, Visionary of Church Planting Tactics

Director of Operations, Passion for Planting

“Simply put, the Catalyst team is the real deal. They were birthed out of a heart to reach more people with the gospel. We are a young church plant and we seriously could not have made the progress we have without our friends at Catalyst Creative. They have been easy to work with and understand the tensions we have as church planters. They’ve done it. Much love to the Catalyst team!”

Randall Tonini, Lead Minister at Grace City

“The team at Catalyst Creative not only offers the highest quality websites, but they pump them out fast and are great to work with. They went above and beyond to make sure that each little nuance of this site matched not only his design concept, but also our church’s brand. If you are looking for web-work for your church, non-profit, or business, there is no better bang for your buck than Catalyst Creative.”

Kyle Bonenberger, Senior Pastor at City Church Anaheim

“Catalyst Creative have been incredible in helping our church work through website and SEO solutions. Their team is super responsive and have hearts like teachers. I feel like every time I talk with their team, I learn more about giving our church a better online presence in our community.”

Brian Moore, Senior Pastor at Crosspointe Church

"Great guy, but an even greater visionary. Russ always provided progressive digital marketing strategies that paid dividends for our mutual client. Let it be known that Russ’ concepts for media-driven marketing are among some of the best in the industry that I’ve personally seen. Would absolutely recommend Russ to anyone looking to improve their marketing game."

John Moran, Capital One, Auto Financing

"These guys are so good, they build their own tools. "

- Chris Hufnagel | CTO at My Good People


Peter Brecht

Working with Russ has shown that consistently monitoring and adjusting our digital performance makes a huge competitive difference. Building out content marketing brings market leadership into focus, and topping it off with a strong email strategy drives the message home.


Doug Kyle

"Catalyst Creative is super knowledgeable, creative, and just great people! They went overboard to accommodate our needs and understand our unique environment. It is like having our own tech specialist on our team. Using them was one of the best decisions we have ever made. And Russ has an awesome beard!"

Green Valley Church

Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell

Russ has an unquenchable passion for people and projects! If you are considering a project with Russ and his team, don't wait to pick up the phone and engage about the possibilities of what he can do for you.

Russ does a great job of staying connected with the non-profit and church spaces, following trends, spotting opportunities and participating as a key team member, eyeing growth and health for the benefit of your people and your organization. There's no cloudy outlook when Russ is working with you.

Vertex Education, PM