How to Save $82,000 a Year for Your Church

$82,000 is a lot of money, for any size of church.

A few months ago my friends at Tithely came to me asking about our experience with moving North Coast Church over to Tithely. To give you a little back-story, when we first started discussing the possibility of moving giving providers, we were using no less than three giving partners. We had a text-based giving solution, a web and app solution, and an even older web solution. Things were scattered and rates were high, so we needed to trim the fat and focus on the right solution for us.

Ultimately, we were looking for a church giving partner that would provide the right solutions for all our digital giving needs AND who would be able to scale with us. As important as it was to have the lowest rates possible for the best solutions available, we needed a partner who could scale to meet our growing needs. Since we started this process, we have added on two more campuses and average monthly attendance is up over 3,000 additional weekend attenders.

With Tithely, we finally found the partner we were looking for.

We now have lower and non-variable rates. We have an amazing custom church app that is scaling behind the scenes alongside of the generosity platform. But perhaps most importantly, we have a local group of people who really care about the success of our church and its discipleship path.

"One of the things we like best is their ability to be flexible. No other company we worked with was able to help us build the features we needed to reach people digitally.” - Larry Osborne

I've written about Tithely before and how much we love them as an app provider. I still feel like they're the right partner for the majority of churches. Their generosity platform is the best in the business and I would not have recommended my own church make the move unless I felt this way. Also, I would not still be in the mix making it all better for us, as well as all the other churches who come after us.