Creative Team Meeting Framework for Sermon Branding

Creative team meetings don't have to be a headache.

I want to help your church by providing a creative team meeting framework with ten questions that will help you discover, develop, and distribute an effective sermon series. It's been almost two years since I originally created the sermon branding resource, so I felt it was time to renew the post as well as update the resource.

In the new downloadable resource, you will find:

  1. .pdf file for immediate completion
  2. .sketch working file for immediate editing

I created this framework because it works.

Most churches don't have creative teams, so they don't know where to start. The churches that do have creative teams are full of creatives (duh) and most are not blessed with the administrative gene (double duh). This framework will allow the creative team to think critically with the sermon team in an effort to create a polished sermon brand from start to finish for their audience.

As the new framework is implemented, there will be fewer headaches and more unity. My goal is to help your abstract thinkers reign it in with a set of concrete next right steps that move the team toward their desired end goal.

Download Now

This framework will work for you. It has already been implemented effectively in dozens of churches in San Diego and will work for your team wherever you are.

When you download, you will receive immediate access to all files and will be added to our creative team tag.