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Creative Team Meeting Framework for Sermon Branding

Ten questions that will help your creative team have a more effective meeting and end result.

Creative team meetings don’t have to be a headache. I want to help your church by providing a creative team meeting framework with ten questions that will help you discover, develop, and distribute an effective sermon series. It’s been almost two years since I originally created the sermon branding resource, so I felt it was…

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Halloween Mega Kit

Over the last four weeks we’ve been hooking you up with free resources for our favorite October events. With everything from Harvest Festival to Trunk or Treat, Halloween Party, and even a zombie sermon series. We wanted to make your life easy and pull all of these resources together to create a little thing we…

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Introducing: Church360

When we helped launch Catalyst Christian Church in San Diego, it was a piece by piece operation. We got a trailer from a church in Tracy, design help in San Diego and Flagstaff, financial and management backing from over a dozen churches and a hundred individuals, and so much more. A lot of life is…

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Our Top Tools: Dropbox & GoogleDrive

“Did you get my email attachment?” That’s a phrase slowly going the way of the buffalo. File sizes and expectations of download speeds have grown. Cloud based storage is no longer optional for your creative team. That’s why this week our team wants to share the tools that help us continue to push the boundaries.…

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3 Keys to Video Announcements That Work

“What did you shoot it on?” Film makers will unanimously tell you this is their least favorite question. And they hate it for a good reason. Film is about sharing a story. It’s about communicating. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting on an iPhone or a Red Epic, it is about creating content that makes a…

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Kids’ Church Resource Kit

All sorts of stats are thrown out there about kids, church, and faith. The most common one is that ninety percent of decisions for Jesus are made before a person turns twelve years old. If this is true, then there are questions that must be asked: Is your CE department resourced like it’s an imperative? Are children…

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