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I'm Russ.

We're your team of trusted digital experts who specialize in growing churches and brands through highly engaging websites and top-shelf consulting.

Some would say we are "niching-down", and they would totally be right. The thing is: You have a story to tell and need an agency that gets you and your audience. It's as simple as that: We move your online visitors to in-person guests. It's data-informed, church-focused, and 100% uniquely you.

Our sweet spot is growing the local church.

"You cannot afford them on your staff, you don’t have the creativity on your team, you don’t have the website that you need, you’re a church plant. You need all this stuff. They are your resource; They're ours."

- Chris Brown at North Coast Church

Two Easy Wins for Content Management and Social Media Sharing

When you are head-down and focused on reaching your long-term goals, it’s easy to forget that the best way to reach them are easy wins along the way. Easy wins are what I would call a momentum makers, and the more wins you have along the way, the greater chance you have at accomplishing your big goals. Easy wins give…

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How to Make the Most of Sticky Teams (and other conferences)

It’s conference time again here at North Coast Training, and your pastor is probably wondering if the team should go again this year. The argument is pretty simple: If you’re doing the same conferences year after year, then you’re not learning anything new. You see the same speakers, hear the same talks, and go back to your church the same.…

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Why we switched hosts and how it improved our user experience.

We breathe a little easier now. If you have a website, then you know your web host is mission critical to your success. Everyone always assumes their hosting provider is working for them, but how many know that they need to work with you? It’s like making the move from a beginner’s stick, to one that’s meant for you. Like my…

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Creative Team Meeting Framework for Sermon Branding

Creative team meetings don’t have to be a headache. I want to help your church by providing a creative team meeting framework with ten questions that will help you discover, develop, and distribute an effective sermon series. It’s been almost two years since I originally created the sermon branding resource, so I felt it was time to renew the post…

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"These guys are so good, they build their own tools." - Chris Hufnagel | Technical Director at Authentik

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Our Creative Team Meeting Framework for Sermon Branding will give your church a new framework with ten questions that will help you discover, develop, and distribute an effective sermon series.

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