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Linktree is Not the Only Link You’ll Ever Need

You do not need Linktree. Now used by brands such as Mailchimp, MOMA, Red Bull, and Rhett and Link, Linktree is the newest platform to leverage a single landing page for all your links. While the goal is to “… help your audience discover all your important content”, it only propitiates the fragmentation it hopes to solve. While a “one…


Maybe It’s Time We Started Thinking About Worship Differently through Covid

As Covid continues to drag on, so do the limits and constraints that have been placed on places of worship. In California, churches have been required to close down mass indoor gatherings and move their services either online or outdoor in alignment with physical distancing and mask wearing guidelines. In the midst of a nationwide conversation where churches are working…


Don’t Take Away Their Livestream Options

There is a healthy balance between presenting an excellent product and giving your audience what they want. Right now the church is attempting to figure out a healthy way forward for church. Livestreaming services have saturated the market and each present the best way forward … according to them. In order to determine the best way forward, we need to…


How to Launch Online Small Groups

Has the Covid-19 crisis got you feeling lonely or isolated, having lost touch with those you used to see every week? Are you looking for a way out of this hole, but don’t know where to get a hand-up? Just because the church is separated, doesn’t mean it has to be distant. The lack of meaningful connection creates isolation within…


"These guys are so good, they build their own tools.Chris Hufnagel | CTO at My Good People

Don't suck at small groups.

Join online small group ministry expert Russ Cantu as he presents the steps you need to successfully launch and lead online small groups. Whether you choose "How to Launch Online Small Groups" and prepare your church for a future of online small groups or "How to Lead Online Small Groups" and train your small group leaders for successful ministry, you'll be given the tools you need to succeed.

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Personal Branding for Pastors Course

We are moving in a direction where pastors need a little "something something" in order make ends meet. There is a simple solution. In three short lessons, I will help you establish yourself as a more genuine and visible brand. By the end of this course, you will have a clear brand promise that is uniquely you and made for your audience.

Your course includes three video-driven lessons with corresponding downloadable worksheets, access to me as you process each lesson, and access to our exclusive bonus resource, "The Pastor Brand Statement Piece", helping you introduce, explain, and activate your brand with your audience.

"This course has been a huge help for me. The process that Russ lays out is easy to follow, helps me think about my goals and desires, and provides me a framework that helps me reach my audience. Take your brand to the next level and buy this course!" Peyton Jones, Ministry Ninja

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