I'm Russ Cantu, and I get you.

I'm a trusted voice who specializes in growing brands through highly engaging websites and top-shelf consulting. My work is data-informed, people-focused, and 100% uniquely you. I've found that a well-rounded portfolio helps everyone learn and grow, making the scaling process more efficient for everyone.

Marketing isn't magic, but the right marketing can feel magical.

I've spent the better part of two decades refining my marketing processes to connect with people. Really, that's the only thing that matters, right? Connecting with others, to make their lives better. From custom WordPress websites with top-shelf SEO to get them seen fast and first, to building better brands from the inside out, I am leveraging my expertise to improve people and products, in order to make audiences smile.

I am currently making life easier in these spaces:

  • Large and Small Churches
  • Multiple Car Makers
  • Medical Device Builders and Patent Holders
  • Large Scale Investment Firms
  • Start-Ups and Self-Starters

Chris Brown at North Coast Church

"You cannot afford them on your staff, you don’t have the creativity on your team, you don’t have the website that you need, you’re a start-up. You need all this stuff. They are your resource; They're ours."

Can you really call it marketing if it doesn't feel like it?

There's got to be a better way to do this than the way that got you stuck. I've been there before too (so you're not alone). But we can work together to address your needs, help you breathe a little easier, and make marketing fun again. I'll elevate your web presence with a site that looks good, performs better, and makes your audience smile. I'll build your brand for life by discovering, developing, and distributing your unique story. I'll help you address your warts so you can work at creating a more user-friendly organization.


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