“Did you get my email attachment?”

That’s a phrase slowly going the way of the buffalo. File sizes and expectations of download speeds have grown. Cloud based storage is no longer optional for your creative team. That’s why this week our team wants to share the tools that help us continue to push the boundaries. Today, we want to dive into why Dropbox is an amazing application to add to your team’s tool belt and why we are actually jumping ship for GoogleDrive:

1. Linking to Local Folders is a Game Changer.

Uploading files is a one step process with Dropbox’s connected local folders. The ability to have a desktop folder that can be a simple online archive, or a shared folder to a teammate, makes collaborating seamless. Gone are the days of using a clunky web uploader to move files. Its now native and easy to incorporate into your team’s workflow.

2. It’s All on Mobile.

You are no longer tied to your desktop or web viewer. Dropbox’s mobile app allows you to view, organize and share files directly from your mobile device. For a fast paced design team this is crucial. What would of waited until you got back to the office, is now just one gesture away.

3. It’s Safer Than Ever.

Dropbox storage is based in the Amazon S3 storage system. Amazon has spent the last decade building one of the safest and most robust server networks in the world. With mirrored locations all over the planet, the chance of losing your data is virtually impossible. S3 houses brands such as the Nasdaq, Netfilx, yousendit, among many others. If it’s safe enough for them, you’re in good hands.

Lastly, we mentioned that we are jumping ship for GoogleDrive. We know you’re thinking, “So whats the catch; What’s wrong with dropbox?” The answer is: absolutely nothing. For us it comes down to workflow. Our team’s process is deeply rooted in GoogleApps. It just makes sense to make the move and create an even more seamless workflow.

Bottom line.

Dropbox and GoogleDrive are excellent resources and one we highly recommend. Every team is different, so take a some time and find the solution that fits your team.