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Four Ways to Lead with Specificity

I want to show you the reasons behind the why and how to lead with specificity, because nothing gets a team off the tracks faster than a lack of specifics and measurables.  I think we’ve all been a part of a team where the team leader tells you what they…


WP Church Theme

Your website is the digital front door for your audience. Your job is to make it easy for them to walk through.  The most difficult challenge for the church is to get people through the front doors of the church. The most effective tool to reach them where they’re at…


Connection Cards Still Matter

My wife is currently undergoing her second round of chemotherapy. For the next few weeks she will be constantly exhausted and mentally drained. She will take longer to walk to the car, have less energy to eat, and feel nauseous at even the slightest smell.   Side effects are expected. There…


Expect God to Act

When you do your best, expect God to act in big ways. Sorry we couldn’t meet. I thought post-Easter week would be super down, and we were just slammed. I don’t know what we were all thinking. The week after Easter is by all accounts, down. When I showed up…


Life Post-Easter

It was inspiring to see so many posts roll in throughout the weekend, celebrating the work of God through Easter services. Large and small churches alike shared stories of change, renewal, and baptisms. As someone who is on the ground in ministry at a local church, I get the Easter…


Effective App Launches

Whatever you do, don’t overthink this. The average user downloads less than one app a month, spends about four minutes using a church app, primarily uses the app for giving purposes, and only plays around in the sermons and events sections. Therefore, apps are not the tool, but rather another…


SEO Checklist

If you aren’t on the first half of the first page, then you are fighting an uphill battle against people who have more traffic, better optimizations, and constant content. I want to make it easy for you to rank fast and first, but in a way that anyone on your…


Website Evaluation

If it only took you thirty minutes to take your website from zero to hero, would you take the time to make it right?  Your website is the digital front door to  your audience; you need to make it easy for people to walk through. I want to help make…


Move On

Somewhere along the road, someone told you to stick with your designer. That they’re the best in the world. That they are the only ones who could meet your needs. That they know how to get you there. Someone said that. They told that to your face. And you believed…


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