How to Use a Priority Process Template

If you have been over-worked, over-stressed, and just plain done with life as it is right now, there is a way forward that will bring you life and a sense of relief, so you can choose joy.

You might be wondering, "Where is all this writing coming from?" Well, as I mentioned before, I just wrapped a successful season coaching lacrosse for Classical Academy High School and things are now at a place where I can reintroduce more into my life. It's not that I did not have time before, but I did not prioritize writing for the four months I coached lacrosse. For me, it was a matter of margin, and I just didn't want to expend energy there for a season.

What is the process I used to prioritize the season?

I knew my focus needed to be on the team for four months, so I took a deep breath and pushed pause on all the non-essentials. It's not that I stopped doing things that were non-essential; it's that I pushed pause and waited to prioritize before moving on to them. So I created the list of essentials, prioritized the non-essentials, and went to work on organizing life.

Here is a process you can use to prioritize your life.

  1. Separate your essentials from your non-essentials.
  2. Prioritize your non-essentials, starting with the things you miss the most.
  3. Add in one thing at time, starting with the thing that brings you the most joy.
  4. Add in another thing that can help build productive joy, creating momentum.
  5. Anything that is still not needed, leave it; it's a joy killer and time waster.

Bonus: Get outside and see what can be done away from the screen and on the beach (or wherever you feel best connected to nature).

As I start introducing things back into my daily schedule, it's critical that I only add in things that bring me joy, help others in their journey, and are essential to growing both my business and life. Anything else is just extra, and with two teenagers, I just don't have time for fluff.