How to Create Margin and Keep It

I talk about margin a lot.

Some of it comes back to how I was raised, but most of it is how I went through life stressed and just plain tired for so long. So I learned how to say no and set proper priorities, learned to value the right thing in life, and really, learned to breathe easier. Maybe you're there now, and maybe, just maybe, you need some margin in your finances, relationships, time, and life too.

A man in a leather jacket looking down while sitting on a ledge in a city contemplating margin.

Start here and learn about margin.

Learn how to create and maintain margin and keep it.

This is one of the first posts I wrote about margin and lays out the foundation for all the other posts, but also the foundation for one of the most common talks I give. It's funny, but this is the most important topic I talk about with people who have high net values. Driving so hard in everything you do often leaves you drained, and the leftovers aren't enough to keep you going on your own and certainly not enough for you family. Take a little advice and start growing right now by learning about margin and how it makes all the difference.

Learn how to value your time.

A lot of coaching calls that focus on time management.

For the most part, people are people-pleasers who find their identity in what they do, not what they are. In order to help define their context, I often ask this question, “Is your hurry a season or your new normal?” Learn how we narrow the focus and define healthy wins with your time by reading this post about time management and margin.

Properly prioritize relationships.

It's time for you to find lobsters and your people.

We joke and say that Sarah is my lobster (come on; someone gets that reference). You may even say she’s my person (thanks Meredith). But not everyone is my lobster and you better believer you are not my person. And herein lies the line in the sand: there are people in your life that you need to pull full-stop. They don’t fit and they don’t need to be there. Learn how to properly prioritize your relationships and breathe easier at night.

Figure out your finances.

The only people who don’t talk about money are those without it.

We talk about money a lot in our home because we want our kids to succeed in life when they are out from under our care and on their own, but also do this because money can ruin you. Without a proper respect for finances, you will never balance your checkbook (wow, that was antiquated). Without a budget in place, you will be overdrawn. And without financial margins, you will never be able to do what you want to do.