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How to Use a Priority Process Template

If you have been over-worked, over-stressed, and just plain done with life as it is right now, there is a way forward that will bring you life and a sense of relief, so you can choose joy. You might be wondering, “Where is all this writing coming from?” Well, as I mentioned before, I just…

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How to Really Win at Whatever You Do

I just wrapped a successful first-year season coaching high school lacrosse at my daughter’s school.  It was the inaugural season for girl’s lacrosse and we weren’t expected to do much. In fact, coaches and club leaders told me I would fail, that our season wouldn’t amount to anything, and that the girls would just plain…

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Create Space for Everyone Looking for Space (Immunocompromised)

My wife Sarah is immunocompromised. For the past several years, our family has been in and out of lockdown, wearing masks from cloth to N95, being among a crowd while masked and distanced, and hugging our family members in hazmat suits. Can you relate? For a lot of my friends, Covid has been a mild…

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How to Say No to Burnout

Right now it’s a bright, sunny day here in San Diego; it’s kind of an amazing place to live. Those who don’t live here love to vacation on our coast, and those who do live here feel like we’re constantly on vacation (except when we’re in traffic). But no matter where we live and how…

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How to Future Proof Your Online Presence

Clear steps anyone can take to improve and win with their online presence. Russ Cantu is the guy North Coast Church goes to when they need insight into their web presence, where Tithely goes when they need optimized web pages for online giving, and where leaders just like you go to help them identify their…

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How to Effectively Share Your Church Story to Investors [Pitch Deck]

You spent $5000 and got nothing in return.  You heard it somewhere -a coach, mentor, pier, start up bro- that you needed a pitch deck. You were told to hire a designer, run a high quality print of their developed deck, and distribute it to prospective investors.  Fail. Whale.  And it’s not even your fault. …

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"You have nothing to prove and no one to impress." - Larry. 

I talk about margin a lot. I think some of it comes back to how I was raised, but most of it is how I went through ministry stressed and just plain tired for so long. So I learned how to say no and set proper priorities, learned to value the right thing in life, and really, learned to breathe easier. Maybe you're there now, and maybe, just maybe, you need some margin in your finances, relationships, time, and life too. 

Church App Guide

I created this Church App Guide to help you determine the why, what, and how of your church app, and who may be the best church app provider partner for you.
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