As a general rule, you start with the end in mind.

We like to start every client and project off by answering three important questions:

  1. Why is it important to your audience?
  2. What will happen if they take the next step?
  3. How will things be better for them?

If you answer these questions, then you can share an effective story.

Clients that cannot answer these questions often have a difficult time communicating their mission, they cannot answer how it applies to their internal or external audience, and have no idea how they can share their story online (let alone in person).

If you start with these three questions, then you have a baseline from which to grow from. In practical terms, this means you will know how to answer why, what, and how for every page and post of your website. When you start with these three questions, you are prepared to give your audience exactly what they are asking for: answers.

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