What good is a baseball player who hits a single every time and yet never runs to first? Or how about a car that looks amazing but doesn’t have a driver to operate it?

What good is a beautiful website that doesn’t have a next step for its users at every section of their website? Everything needs a next step, and this applies to websites, just as much as it applies to life.

We create a lot of websites for people. From blogs for individuals and groups, to large scale church build-outs, for-profit businesses, and everything in between. We have found that the best websites understand this principle, and carry it throughout their entire website.

Here’s what we do to help our clients along the way in this matter:

  1. We create next steps for every section.
  2. We create menus that stay with content, so next steps are always visibly present.
  3. We create sections that naturally lead to other sections, much like a good book flows from one section to the next.
  4. We make sure the most important contact information is always within a glance.

These are just four things we do that help our clients take their users to that next step. There are more, but these four help us stay aligned as we work through each section, looking for the highest retention rate possible. Plus, this keeps the bounce rate low, and people engaged.

With this in mind, what are the clearly present next steps on your current website? Lost? We can help!