We get asked the question all the time, “Why do you give stuff away for free, every week?” We have been told by peers, and even clients at times, that this is foolish. It’s a pace that is difficult to keep up, and that we should be charging people for our content.

Here’s the thing: We will always give our best stuff away. For free. Forever. 

You see, when you create a culture where you give your best stuff away every week, people begin to trust you. They depend on you to help resource them week in and week out. They like your consistent voice in their ear.

Here’s why we give our best stuff away.  

  1. We want to be your go-to team for knowledge, resources and future projects.
  2. We want everyone to have access to top-tier resources, no matter their context.
  3. We want to encourage you to do the same; to give your best stuff away and create a culture of generosity everywhere you go.

This is why we give our best stuff away. What are you doing to resource others and increase generosity? Let us know, and perhaps we can help you get the word out as well.